A hotel filled with history

Brought to its status by those who visited us through time, respected for its high standard of hospitality, Hotel Transilvania is a silent witness of the passing of time. And time offered the hotel a spectacle spanning over a few hundred years of its existence.

Important and memorable characters, such as Jonathan Harker, the main character of Bram Stoker's novel “Dracula”, enjoyed the hospitality of our hotel during his overnight stay. Through the years, our hotel contributed to the fame of the street on which it is located, Regele Ferdinand street, being the oldest street of Cluj-Napoca, known to the townsfolk as the “street of hotels”. The history of the street, on which the hotel is located, is also worth mentioning. Between 1940 and 1944, the street was named after Wesselenyi Miklos. Thereafter, until 1989, the street was named Gheorghe Doja (Dozsa Gyorgy), after the leader of the great uprising in 1514.

As time went on, the hotel, in which we welcome you with open arms today, has had several names. The first name, also mentioned by historians, was “Queen of England”. Subsequently, the hotel was called “Transilvania” and “Vladeasa”. Today, the hotel is named “Transilvania” again, and we are proud to carry it forward.

Even though many things have changed over time, the high standard of hospitality offered by Hotel Transilvania has remained unaltered. It can be stated, that this is the birthplace of hospitality in Cluj-Napoca. Just as we did two centuries ago, when we welcomed a traveler descending from a horse drawn carriage, wearing tuxedo and top hat, today we welcome the modern traveler, eager for an outstanding traveling experience.

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