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About the Hotel - Past with a Touch of Present


The rethinking of the image and of the communication strategy were natural steps for a brand which has reached full maturity. We needed an infusion of freshness that would highlight the hotel's modernization, and would bring a place filled with history into the present.

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The first step was creating a visual identity. The logo stands out through simplicity and elegance. The new graphic symbol is a compact composition, built up of two elements: the letter “H”, which stands for the international representation of the hotel industry and the letter “T”, expressing tradition, elegance and confidence.

Following the visual renewal, we focused our attention on verbal elements. We needed an expression that could transmit our message clear and simple, and would make a slight reference to the hotel's rich history.

“In the heart of the city” - is an expression with an enormous communicative potential. This was not a random choice, given the fact that it depicts perfectly the hotel's biggest asset: its location in the center of the city.

The slogan has also a symbolical meaning, connecting the hotel's long history with times in which this kind of expressions were on everyone's lips.